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Which famous bandit hid on the island of Spargi Italy?

Spargi is one of the seven most important islands of La Maddalena archipelago off the coast of the Italian island of Sardinia. The landscape is rugged. The only source of fresh water is rainfall. The coast is marked by coves and sandy beaches. The hinterland is almost impenetrable. During the 19th century, Natale Beretta, an alleged bandit, hid on the island and managed to elude searchers. When his name was cleared, he brought his family over and settled down to take care of goats and cows. During the past century the island was only in use during the First and Second World War, when several strategic points were set up on the island. On de seabed near the island, the remains of a Roman ship from the 2nd century BC were found. The finds are now exhibited in the maritime museum in the city of La Maddalena.

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