Diving with sharks! Enjoy the spectacular 360º underwater panoramas

Gardens of the Queen (Jardines de la Reina) in Cuba is one of the most popular scuba destinations of Cuba. The underwater landscapes include canyons, pinnacles and caves. Healthy mangroves, sponges and black corals cover the reef.
Jardines de la Reina also host numerous silky and Caribbean reef sharks. In the mangroves labyrinth it's possible to find crocodiles and snorkel with them.

There are around 400 species of sharks living in seas and oceans, and the white shark is among the most known ones. This shark is associated with danger and bloodlust. The great white shark can be found in the waters of all major oceans.

1. Coral Reef at a depth of 10 meters
2. Flock of sharks at a depth of 5 meters
3. Sharks near surface
4. Inhabitants of coral reefs
5. Gardens of the Queens at a depth of 25 meters
6. Diving with sharks

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Courtesy of www.AirPano.com

Courtesy of www.AirPano.com


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