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Moscow Kremlin is the geographical and historical center of the Russian capital Moscow. The name Kremlin is derived from the Russian word 'kreml', which means fortified city center. Although the term usually refers to the Moscow Kremlin, there are also other cities with a kremlin in Russia.

The Moscow Kremlin is located on Red Square, on the left bank of the Moskva River. It is the seat of the government of the Russian Federation and formerly of the Soviet Union.  The Kremlin in Moscow also houses a theater, a museum and numerous other sights. Wikipedia

1. Cathedral Square, Ivan the Great Belltower
2. Moscow Kremlin in the autumn
3. Moscow Kremlin form the Manege Square
4. Ivan the Great Belltower
5. The Grand Kremlin Palace
6. Over the Moscow Kremlin after the rain
7. Manege Square, corner Arsenal Tower
8. Manezhnaya Square
9. Saint Basil's Cathedral, Savior Tower
10.Star of the Borvitskaya Tower
11.Above the large Kremlin Square
12.Cathedral of the Archangel
13.Arsenal, Trinity Tower
14.Above the Red Square
15.Red Square
16.Cathedral Square
17.Red Square, Historical Museum
18.Moscow's City Center top view
19.Saviour Tower
20.Vodovzvodnaya Tower
21.Saint Basil's Cathedral
22.Moscow form the altitude of 540 meters
23.Kremlin Embankment
24.Kremlin, Vasilyevsky Slope at night

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